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MEX is the export affiliate of the CERP Bretagne Atlantique Group, a pharmacists' cooperative created in 1938. MEX is located in Saint Brieuc at the following address: ZA de Beaufeuillage - 1, Impasse St Simon BP 402 - 22004 Saint Brieuc - FRANCE.


CERP Bretagne Atlantique, Distributor certified by the AFSSAPS, Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits de Santé, is present in western France.

Every day CERP Bretagne Atlantique supplies nearly 1,700 pharmacies from its 9 warehouses, which employ more than 600 people.

CERP Bretagne Atlantique has created subsidiaries specialized in complementary domains:

  • MADOUEST: sale and rental of medical equipment
  • DISTRISANTE: storage, distribution, and billing on the behalf of the laboratories
  • AELIA: regional group of pharmacists united by the values of the cooperative
  • SOFIREP: development of software for the group and its partners, management of the inter-agency and affiliate network
  • MEX : international affiliate.
  • DISTRIMEX : distribution and promotion of pharmaceutical products.