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MEX represents several laboratories and promotes their products throughout its network of medical representatives, subsidiaries, or partners.

MEX provides a complete solution to manufacturers who wish to develop their brand and their products :

  • Market study
  • Product recording
  • Marketing plan
  • Business plan
  • Design and translation of promotional tools
  • Medical consultation

To deal with the growing demand from laboratories, MEX has continued to expand its sales force, which is currently composed of more than 80 medical representatives.

Its teams are in permanent contact with prescribers and opinion leaders to develop promotion and they work with local wholesalers to monitor supply of the products.

Through their network with local authorities, they can facilitate product registration.

MEX has a sales monitoring and reporting computer system to handle supply chain management that handles manufacturing forecasts.

MEX's know-how is based on knowledge of local markets, which allows it to perfectly adapt its promotional strategy and its products to the needs of each population.